Welcome to The Cove – A leader in providing English Speaking Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Life Coaching Online, in Munich and in Amsterdam

We don’t see things as they are;
we see things as we are.

– Anais Nin

Deciding to embark on therapy or coaching can be daunting. The wide choice of different types of psychotherapy and coaching available can seem overwhelming.  I am here to help you.  I endeavour to make The Cove as accessible as possible.  People often tell me that the most difficult part of therapy is making that first contact.  So when you are ready I am here to help you take that first step. I can happily answer any questions you may have either by email or by phone.  I also offer a complimentary 20-minute introductory session via Skype or over the phone to explain how The Cove can help you.

I am a registered Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist and a certified Life Coach, so you can rest assured that I have undergone thorough training and professional development.  Being qualified as a therapist and a coach allows me to use either of these psychological approaches or a combination to work with people who are trying to cope with stressful life situations and emotional problems.

I have found Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to be a highly effective therapeutic approach which helps people manage a whole range of issues and problems that cause them distress and makes them feel overwhelmed or vulnerable.

I have found Life Coaching (LC) to be a valuable future-focused method to help people determine and achieve personal goals and in doing so, work towards more fulfilling lives and careers.

This website is designed for people who are considering whether CBT or LC might be right for them.  There are descriptions of how someone might benefit from CBT or LC as well as some of the basic philosophies that underpin CBT and LC.  The website has some information about my background and experience and also provides details about my CBT and LC practice.

So if you’re interested in CBT or LC via Skype and in person in Munich or Amsterdam or want to understand more about how CBT or LC might help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.