Is therapy or Coaching covered by Health Insurance in Germany or the Netherlands?

I am registered with psychotherapy organisations in UK and the Netherlands (outside of Germany) and therefore my sessions are not currently covered by German health insurance.  In the future I hope this will be different but in the meantime I ask all of my clients in Germany to fund their sessions privately. 
The Dutch health insurance system is more complex and each insurer and package has different criteria for reimbursement and therefore I ask all clients to pay me directly for our sessions. I supply clients with invoices at the end of each month, which they are able to use to claim back their therapy fees. Whether or not your insurer will reimburse is something you would need to check directly with your own insurers. If you are reliant upon this reimbursement then please contact your insurers prior to making a first appointment for therapy or coaching. If your insurance company asks for details of who I am registered with and further information can be found by clicking this link.

What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching?

At The Cove it is understood that there are some important shared core principles between coaching and therapy. Both approaches are person-centred and empathetic, and both require the coach or therapist to view the person with unconditional positive regard and understand the client’s situation from their perspective.

However, there are some differences. In therapy the aim is to ‘fix’ problems, or at least make them impact less on a person’s life, whereas coaching aims to help individuals create new opportunities and to achieve more from life. Therapy is about therapeutic interventions. Coaching is about goal setting and achievement. Either or both can be useful to lots of people.

What should I look for in a life coach and where can I find a reputable coach?

As coaching is a relatively new profession, there is a lack of one single reputable accreditation body, so this makes it very difficult for a prospective client to judge the qualifications and expertise of any given coach. It is important for all Life Coaches to obtain some form of qualification, which a client can check and verify if they wish. At The Cove, I advocate the importance of thorough training and qualifications and the adherence to a code of ethics. For further details of the organisations with which I am registered, please click here.

At The Cove I also believe, that you should trust your instincts and your connection with the coach. You should ask yourself whether you could imagine opening up to a particular coach, and stay away from coaches who make unrealistic or far fetching claims. Additionally avoid coaches who demand a lot of money in advance as you may need time to find out if you like working with them.