I often refer my clients to the following resources.

Headspace– this is an easy to use and very accessible meditation and mindfulness app.

Mindfulness app– this app makes Mindfulness easier to fit into our busy lives.  It provides short guided exercises aimed at helping people get some peace.

Reinventing your Life, Jeff Young– This book helps people understand where long term patterns may originate from and how to break them.

Hold me Tight, Sue Johnson– This book helps couples optimise their connection with one another.

‘Overcoming’ Series by Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.There are a variety of different books according to different issues and each helps a person understand where their problems might come from, how they are maintained and gives them practical exercises worksheets they can do to relieve their distress.

Frazzled, Ruby Wax – This book about Mindfulness is written by a comedian who has not only experienced depression but has also trained as a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapist and so it is a great combination of being both light hearted and insightful.

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