Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time”

– Jim Rohn


Studies have shown that therapy and coaching over the phone or online is just as effective as meeting in person but people can often be worried about how comfortable they will feel talking to someone without having met them in person.  When meeting online, my experience is that very occasionally gestures might initially be misinterpreted.  For example, a brief glance away, could be missed when meeting in person might be misconstrued when online but overall, feedback about online sessions suggest that my clients find them a warm and positive experience.  Of course, not having to travel along with flexible timings are conveniences that far outweigh any disadvantages.  Online sessions can take place at home, the workplace, on a train or even at an airport. Indoors or outdoors – wherever is best for concentration and a fresh perspective.  Sitting, lying down or even walking about – however you feel most engaged. Contact me to try out a free 20-minute online introductory session.

Working with Melanie has allowed me to create new perspectives on beliefs about myself. Melanie asks me the right questions, and guides me in seeing old and new situations with a proactive mindset. This leads me to change the conversation with myself. Our sessions are via Skype, which is quite convenient for both of us, and this hasn’t affect at all the quality of our work.