Workshops and Courses


The Cove provides a wide range of courses, trainings and workshops.  Below are examples of workshops and courses we’ve run in the past.  If you have a specific request, please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

CCC (Cool, Calm and Confident)

An assertiveness course for children.

Keen on my Teen

How to raise a happy and responsible teen.

Don’t Stress, Do Your Best & Forget the Rest

A workshop for parents or teens dealing with exam and school pressure.

The Lure of Likes

A workshop tackling teenage addiction to social media.

Lets Talk

A couple’s communication workshop.

Harness your differences and turn them into strengths

A team-building workshop using the MBTI.

I attended one of Melanie’s workshops and it was a really enjoyable evening! I came out buzzing with ideas and tips as to how to put things into practice. The material she provided was thought-provoking and the discussion interesting, balanced and helpful.