CCC (Cool, Calm and Confident)

An assertiveness course for children

Every parent wants their child to grow up being able to stand up for themselves, ask for help and most importantly, being able to say no.  But assertiveness isn’t necessarily innate and a lack of assertiveness can be tied to poor self-esteem or fear of rejection. Sometimes it is simply a skill that a child hasn’t yet learnt.  During this course we use a range of games and activities covering:

  • our emotions and how to express them
  • how great it is to make a mistake and the opportunities that can come from making mistakes
  • what to do when feeling sad, angry or disappointed
  • saying what you think and how you feel in a straightforward and non-threatening way
  • setting boundaries which are there to protect us and make us feel safe
  • positive-self talk
  • our strengths and what others think is great about us
  • what to do if someone is being mean to us or says or does something that makes us feel uncomfortable