Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessments

MBTI fosters understanding and appreciation of the differences between people. It’s not about measuring ability or character—there’s no “best type.” Instead, MBTI reveals your unique preferences. 

This self-awareness helps you:

  • Choose a career that plays to your strengths
  • Manage your workload more effectively
  • Enhance your working relationships
  • Set and achieve life goals more easily
  • Adapt to life changes with greater resilience
  • Appreciate similarities and differences in relationships, reducing conflicts and fostering mutual understanding

Taking the MBTI Assessment

MBTI can be integrated into any coaching or therapy course at The Cove. If you’re not currently a client, you can still complete the assessment on a one-off basis. After finishing the questionnaire online, you’ll be invited to one or two follow-up sessions to discuss your results and explore how they influence your behavior and future choices.

While there are many versions of the MBTI test available online, these are approximations. The official MBTI assessment should be administered by a trained and qualified practitioner to ensure accurate understanding and meaningful results.

At The Cove, I am here to help you uncover your strengths and navigate your life with greater clarity and confidence. Contact me to learn more about integrating MBTI into your personal growth journey.


MBTI Assessments
“Our strengths lie in our differences not our similarities”
~ Stephen Covey

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