The Cove provides a wide range of trainings and workshops. Most recently, I have been fortunate to be asked by schools to deliver mental health workshops for students and/or parents. If you have a specific request, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

At The Cove, we offer a variety of engaging and informative workshops designed to support mental health and well-being. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of delivering workshops for schools, addressing both students and parents. If you have specific needs or requests, please reach out so we can tailor a workshop to your requirements.

Anxiety: How to Spot the Signs and Support Your Child

Everyone experiences anxiety, but understanding the difference between worry and anxiety is crucial. This workshop explores what anxiety is, how it differs from worry, and strategies to support your child in anxiety-provoking situations. We’ll also discuss signs to watch for and where to seek additional help.


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Supporting your Child’s Mental Health

In today’s world, the mental health crisis among children and adolescents can be overwhelming for parents. This one-hour workshop introduces the basics of mental health and offers practical ideas for supporting your child’s well-being.

Opening up Conversations with your Teenager

Having difficult conversations with teenagers can be challenging. This workshop equips parents with strategies to encourage open and honest dialogue with their teens, fostering stronger connections and understanding.

Respectful Relationships

Every parent wants their child to stand up for themselves, ask for help, and say no when necessary. This workshop teaches families how to identify their communication values, reset boundaries, and accept differences. You’ll learn tools to enhance family communication and well-being.

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Managing Stress

Targeting teenagers, this workshop explores individual stressors, their origins, and effective navigation techniques. Participants will leave with a personalized stress-management blueprint to help them throughout life.

Transitions: A Guide to Successfully Supporting your Child through Change

Change is a part of life, especially for expat families who often face more transitions than most. This workshop provides easy-to-implement strategies to help your child navigate these changes smoothly.


While often seen as a strength, perfectionism can be detrimental to mental health. This small-group workshop for young people prone to perfectionism explores the roots of perfectionist traits and offers strategies for self-compassion and kindness.

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