Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


Our strengths lie in our differences not our similarities”

– Stephen Covey


MBTI is an assessment of personality preferences based on the work of Carl Jung. It identifies an individual’s innate psychological preferences, their strengths and how they make decisions. It is said to be the world’s most widely used personality assessment with as many as two million questionnaires being administered annually. It helps individuals become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, their own unique temperament, what energises them and how they can best organise their life – all of which can be used within Life coaching.

How Does MBTI Help?

MBTI develops the understanding and appreciation of differences between people. MBTI is not a measurement of ability or character, there is no best type, rather an aggregation of preferences. In addition to self-awareness, MBTI helps people learn to appreciate themselves and others within all aspects of their life. Through understanding their personality type, individuals are better able to:

  • Choose a career that builds upon their strengths; manage their day to day workload more productively; enhance their working relationships
  • Set and more easily achieve life goals as well as being better able to cope with life changes
  • Appreciate similarities and differences within relationships, reducing the chance of conflicts and optimising shared understanding

How can I undertake the questionnaire?

MBTI can be part of any course of coaching or therapy at The Cove.  Individuals who are not currently part of The Cove can choose to complete the assessment on a one-off basis.  Having completed the questionnaire online, they will be invited for 1 or 2 session follow-up sessions to discuss and reflect upon their individual MBTI type and the implications for current patterns of behaviour and future choices.

There are many versions of the test on the internet, but these are only approximations of the real test. The authorised MBTI must be administered by a trained and qualified practitioner to bring understanding and meaning to the results.