Harness your differences and turn them into strengths

A team-building workshop using the MBTI

The MBTI Questionnaire (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) assesses personality type and by doing so, helps people to become more appreciative and tolerant of each other’s preferred styles of communication and patterns of behaviour.

As a licensed MBTI practitioner, I can help you build a more effective team by administering the questionnaire and then facilitating a half-day or full-day workshop, drawing out the different Myers Briggs personality types for you, providing valuable team insights.

The workshop provides:

  • An introduction to Personality Type
  • An overview of the MBTI instrument and its use in optimising team effectiveness
  • A review of individual reports
  • The experience of identifying ‘type’ using various activities
  • Tips and techniques for applying ‘type’ to communication, leadership and teamwork